APDH has several protocols with public and private institutions, aiming to promote and organize the activities that will meet the interest of its members, whether individual or collective.

The institutions with which APDH  established protocols, are:


According to Article 3 of its Statutes, APDH can have an unlimited number of members and they can be individuals or legal entities, public or private, domestic or foreign and profit or non-profit. These members must accept and respect APDH’s statutes, regulations, and General Assembly’s decisions, provided that their activities or goals are related to or comprise the hospital or healthcare activities, in general.

The Governing Bodies

Since the elections of 24th April 2015, the following bodies compose APDH:


The General Assembly

APDH Statutes

The Portuguese Association for Hospital Development, APDH, is a non-profit organization under the Portuguese private law and any activities opposing its statutory objectives are prohibited.

About APDH

APDH, The Portuguese Association for Hospital Development, created in April 2002 and aims to promote the cooperation amongst Portuguese hospitals and between Portuguese hospitals and their foreign counterparts, to promote and develop innovative procedures within the hospital management areas. APDH members are legal entities (hospitals) and individual members, from all over the country.

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